Sunday, 15 May 2011

US Season 1 - The Olde Stone Mill - OPEN

Open or closed? OPEN with new owners
Location: Tuckahoe, NY

Episode Summary: Ultra stubborn owner had renovated the Mill into a restaurant and most of the customers were coming in from a nearby old folks home. Chopped salad in a funnel and food in a paper bag. Gordon turned it into a steak house and eventually Dean came around to the idea.

What Happened Next: Gordon revisited and it looked like it was doing well. Howver, from online posts/blogs, it appears The Old Stone Mill in Tuckahoe was sold to the DiNapoli family. A sign of the transition is on this page on the website with Dean listed as owner and Louis DiNapoli as general manager. Dean is now the host of a hunting show, the website is here. The restaurant has since moved away from the Steakhouse concept that Gordon instilled and has moved more towards Italian food with a few classic American dishes.

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  1. The restaurant is 10 times better now we love going there for the weekly entertainment

  2. Wow, still open? Good job Dean.

    1. It's under new ownership, actually.

  3. i liked the steak house bad he changed it...but if he's still open then he must be doing something right...they have a nice website

  4. We've had dinner there for 2 special family occasions and found the staff to be very attentive and the food delicious. The atmosphere is very elegant and romantic. Definitely will be frequenting this restaurant in the future!

  5. I don't know why they would make it into an Italian restaurant. There were already so many but not as many steakhouses. I think they should have kept the steakhouse. Or at least not make it Italian.