Tuesday, 24 May 2011

US Season 1 - Lelas - CLOSED

Open or closed? CLOSED
Location: Pomona, CA

Episode Summary: Owner in heavy debt borrowing money from family to keep the restaurant afloat, Executive Chef in the kitchen cooking from packets and even packet mashed potato, the fine dining food didn't fit Pomona. There is a scene where Buzzard "steals" from the restaurant but see below link as all was not as it seemed. Gordon introduced a more casual menu featuring the Pomona salad and burger. They hosted a busy relaunch and things looked like they could have turned around.

What Happened Next: Lela's closed by the end of the episode, although the business was on it's way up Lela's debts were too high. In it's place now is Aladdin Jr Restaurant & Cafe, a Mediterranean restaurant with good reviews. Ricky went on to become Executive Chef at The Corner Butcher Shop in La Verne.

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  1. Ah's i really liked this episode and all the suspense in it. Also the great resolution

  2. Crooks in the kitchen...go figure

  3. The owner should have listened to Tabitha who nailed it all along. Yeah, she sounded "rough" but was right to do so since we're talking about crooks in the kitchen. I wish Tabitha the best and hope she gets a new job where she can be respected. Just sad.

  4. debts too high and not enough money coming in? sound like the government.

  5. I just watched the rerun. The owner was a hot MILF! yummy!

    1. What? You have low standards

    2. "The owner was a hot MILF! yummy!"

      Holy hell -- did you just get out of prison?

    3. @ Dan Buchan....lol i agree with you

  6. A few observations from this ep:

    - Lela seemed to be the same kind of on-the-ball, take-charge restaurant owner with a great sense for what makes a successful business just like Sue, the owner of Bonaparte's [sarcasm intended].

    - Buzzard was a parasite, but Gordon's chasing him down in the street and dragging him back over food that people didn't eat was a new low point for him and his show, and as you can imagine, that's up against some pretty stiff competition (from all of the other low points this show manages).

    - I would have given that Tabitha about 5 days to STOP her constant shouting, and if she couldn't rein it in, then I'd can her. Yes, other people yelled, but she seemed to be the main instigator/offender.

  7. Watching the rerun of this episode on FYI (formerly Bio) and I noticed that the postscript indicating that Lela's had closed has now been edited out of the episode.