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US Season 5 - Burger Kitchen Parts 1 & 2 - CLOSED

Open or closed? CLOSED
(^ Currently only showing a .pdf menu?)
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Episode Summary: So much material and drama they split it into two shows, a Kitchen Nightmares first!

Part 1: Open for just 1 year this restaurant has serious issues. In order to maintain the restaurant Alan Saffron used his son Daniels inheritance money without permission (erm isn't that illegal?)  and doesn't treat him as a partner barring him from knowing about the restaurants finances. No one in the family is getting along or no one in the kitchen either which is mismanaged serving below par food. Gordon is impressed by the location and interior. But owners say they are losing $6000 per month and blame changing chefs, menus and a Yelp Conspiracy by deleting good reviews etc. Gordon samples the food, a range of burgers and a meat pie. He is not impressed, calling the food bland, flavorless and not even cooked properly. Chef David is the one said to be to blame for the flavorless food but he says he is not allowed to change anything and also says he has not been paid wages during an argument. Son Daniel is at a loss on what to do and does not trust his father.

David is challenged to cook a fresh burger, he comes up with the "Redemption Burger" (aptly named) whilst owner Alan cooks up a prepared burger. Gordon loves Davids burger but hates Alans, this leads to a walk out... For the evening service Daniel is sent out to work front of house. There is ticket confusion but food speeds out of the kitchen just to speed back in. Daniel and David argue and Daniel throws him out the kitchen. The guests start to leave. David comes back for the money he is owed, Gen writes a check and asks Daniel to put cash in to cover the cheque. Daniels partner Wendy tells Daniels parents he isn't putting in any more cash and another argument breaks out. Daniels breaks down and is taken off for a chat by Ramsay. And then it ends... And onto Part 2.

Part 2: After all the drama, Gordon invites them all out to a theatre and brings out the Yelpers to quash Alans conspiracy theories against the website. There is even a rep from the website and Alan still refuses to believe the reviews are real. Another argument breaks out between Daniel and Alan. Another owner talks on how to deal with Yelp and finally Ramsay gets through. The next issue Gordon needs to tackle is the relationships and Daniel reveals that the problems are mistrust due to them taking his money. They agree to try and move past it for the restaurant. All attention then goes to the food and creating a tasty burger.

Dinner service begins with Daniel expediting, there are small hitches but he deals with them successfully. Overnight Gordons team give the restaurant a makeover as well as the menu. For the relaunch Gordon has a surprise, the restaurant is going to be packed with bloggers from Yelp, Urban Spoon, Chow and other major reviewers. Daniel gets off to a good start but Alan just can't stay out of the kitchen, distracting Daniel in the process! This leads to some food for Chow being sent back and Gordon loses it urging Alan to let Daniel get on with it as he has proved he can. Alan and Gen promise to let Daniel run things without interference and the show ends.

What Happened Next: Around Late August-September the place is said to have changed ownership and by October 2011 there was a new menu, team of Chefs and management according to online chattering. Yelp reviews are still coming in low, the "yelp conspiracy" lives on!

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  1. Brand new info:
    Burger Kitchen closed at February 10th 2012

  2. I feel bad for the son his dad stole money from him to open that pice of crap and it's obvious that his parents have HORRIBLE pallets (his mom gagging on the redemption burger is proof of that)

    i hope he sued them as cold as that sounds

    1. The son should have taken legal action. Then he could have been reimbursed with as much as was left (liquidated assets) and the debt would be the criminal father's problem.

      He put up with the felony theft of a lot of money. He got what comes when you put up with outrageous criminality like that.

      I know it's his father, but his father is criminal trash and treated him like trash. Being used and stolen from is not love, and neither is encouraging said behavior by putting up with it--or, worse yet, working for the criminal thief.

  3. This episode makes a lot more sense once you read into the story of the grandfather and the fathers book tour.

  4. ^^^ There is no way i would read the book. As an Australian i feel so ashamed at this man. He is retarded, i mean that literally. He is slow, the wife is the same. We are not all like him and i want everyone to know that.
    Also Australian pies are nothing like that, i have one every week and the only pie Ive ever had with vegetables in them are vegan pies or Shepards pie.
    The son seems slow too and his girlfriend is on something. How these people had a business is beyond me. I hope the chefs that were fired opened up their own burger joints.

    1. I don't think she was on anything and the son didn't seem "slow" to me, just beaten down by his father, David Blaine was a dick and deserved to get fired.

    2. I don't blame Chef Blaine I'd probably react the same way working at that place.

      Hope he got a good job elsewhere in a restaurant where he can cook with fresh ingredients.

  5. That waitress Marilyn is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. I saw the episode and I really felt for the son Daniel. His parents need to just leave him alone and let him run things. The Mother seems to care less as she falls asleep in Theater. Pretty RUDE!! Seems like they need a few better cooks if the food is coming back RAW... don't they know the difference between RAW and COOKED..Really? If the restaurant is really closed I am sorry to hear that I would have liked to come by sometime. If it's anything like Ramsey's BURG'R-- LasVegas..YUUUUUM... Good Luck Daniel! Hope your life turns for the best... if your parents could give you some space. \~_~/

  7. I have not read the book but the description he told the Chef Ramsey sounded a little ironic to me.

  8. Daniel needs to sue the crap out of his dead beat, back stabbing, lying, worthless parents! No decent person, let alone parent, would steal from their own child. Plus treat his girlfriend with such disrespect. So sorry it didn't work out. But, better to be rid of the nightmare of the people who he was saddled with called "parents".