Thursday, 2 January 2014

Kitchen Nightmares Open or Closed - Full Episode List

 Watch Kitchen Nightmares and want to see the full episode list? On each post you will find a Kitchen Nightmares episode guide and information on each restaurant.

US Season 6 - Amy's Baking Company - OPEN
US Season 6 - Chappy's - CLOSED 
US Season 6 - Prohibition Grille - OPEN
US Season 6 - Yanni's Greek Restaurant - OPEN
US Season 6 - Mill Street Bistro - RENAMED
US Season 6 - Nino's Italian Restaurant - OPEN
US Season 6 - Sam's Mediterranean Kabob Room - CLOSED
US Season 6 - Levanti's American Bistro - CLOSED
US Season 6 - Olde Hitching Post - OPEN 
US Season 6 - Ms Jean's Southern Cuisine - OPEN
US Season 6 - Mama Maria's - OPEN
US Season 6 - Barefoot Bobs - OPEN
US Season 6 - La Galleria 33 Part 1 & 2 - OPEN

US Season 5 - Spin A Yarn Steakhouse - OPEN
US Season 5 - Charlie's Italian Bistro - CLOSED
US Season 5 - Cafe Hon - OPEN
US Season 5 - Park's Edge - OPEN
US Season 5 - Chiarella's Ristorante - OPEN
US Season 5 - El Greco - CLOSED
US Season 5 - Michon's - CLOSED
US Season 5 - Zocalo - CLOSED
US Season 5 - The Greek at the Harbor - OPEN
US Season 5 - Burger Kitchen Parts 1 & 2 - CLOSED
US Season 5 - Luigi's D' Italia - OPEN
US Season 5 - Mike and Nellie's - CLOSED
US Season 5 - Leone's - OPEN
US Season 5 - Blackberry's  - CLOSED

US Season 4 - Oceana - OPEN
US Season 4 - Zeke's - CLOSED
US Season 4 - Capri - OPEN
US Season 4 - Kingston Cafe - CLOSED
US Season 4 - Cafe Tavolini - CLOSED
US Season 4 - Downcity - CLOSED
US Season 4 - Davide - CLOSED
US Season 4 - Grasshopper Also - CLOSED
US Season 4 - PJ's Steakhouse - CLOSED
US Season 4 - Classic American - CLOSED
US Season 4 - Spanish Pavillion - OPEN
US Season 4 - La Frite - OPEN

US Season 3 - Sushi Ko - CLOSED
US Season 3 - Fleming - CLOSED
US Season 3 - Anna Vincenzo's - CLOSED
US Season 3 - Mama Rita's - CLOSED
US Season 3 - Casa Roma - RENAMED
US Season 3 - Le Bistro - OPEN
US Season 3 - Lido di Manhattan - OPEN
US Season 3 - Mojito - OPEN
US Season 3 - Bazzini - CLOSED
US Season 3 - Flamangos The Junction - CLOSED
US Season 3 - Hot Potato Cafe - CLOSED

US Season 2 - Cafe 36 - CLOSED
US Season 2 - Santé La Brea - CLOSED
US Season 2 - Fiesta Sunrise - CLOSED
US Season 2 - Sabatiello's - CLOSED
US Season 2 - Jack's Waterfront - CLOSED
US Season 2 - Hannah & Mason's - CLOSED
US Season 2 - J Willy's - CLOSED
US Season 2 - Black Pearl - CLOSED
US Season 2 - Trobiano's - CLOSED
US Season 2 - Giuseppi's - CLOSED
US Season 2 - Handlebar - CLOSED

US Season 1 - The Secret Garden - OPEN
US Season 1 - Campania - CLOSED
US Season 1 - Lelas - CLOSED
US Season 1 - Finn McCool's - CLOSED
US Season 1 - Sebastians - CLOSED
US Season 1 - The Olde Stone Mill - OPEN
US Season 1 - Seascape - CLOSED
US Season 1 - The Mixing Bowl - CLOSED
US Season 1 - Dillons (Purnima) - CLOSED
US Season 1 - Peters - CLOSED

UK Great British Nightmare - The Dovecote Bistro (Martins Bistro) - OPEN

UK Great British Nightmare - Runaway Girl (Silversmiths) - OPEN

UK Season 5 - The Granary - CLOSED

UK Season 5 - The Curry Lounge - OPEN
UK Season 5 - The Fish and Anchor - CLOSED
UK Season 5 - The Priory - CLOSED
UK Season 5 - Piccolo Teatro - CLOSED
UK Season 5 - Ruby Tates Loves Fish Restaurant - CLOSED

UK Season 4 - Rococo Maggies - CLOSED

UK Season 4 - Morgans - CLOSED
UK Season 4 - The Fenwick Arms - OPEN with new owners
UK Season 4 - La Parra de Burriana - CLOSED

UK Season 3 - La Gondola - CLOSED

UK Season 3 - Clubway 41 (Jacksons) - CLOSED
UK Season 3 - The Sandgate Hotel - OPEN with new owners
UK Season 3 - Oscars - CLOSED

UK Season 2 - La Riviera - OPEN renamed Abstract

UK Season 2 - Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack - CLOSED
UK Season 2 - D-Place - CLOSED
UK Season 2 - La Lanterna - CLOSED

UK Season 1 - Moore Place - CLOSED

UK Season 1 - The Walnut Tree Inn - OPEN with new owners
UK Season 1 - The Glass House - OPEN

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  1. It's a shame that so many places are closed, I thought that programe really helps at least in 20%-30% of places. Perhaps it's difficult, hard and expensive buisness, perhaps it's too late for changes. But still I'm a huge fan of Gordon :)

    1. Actually, in the UK version, Gordon helped 29% of the businesses (7 restaurants out of 24 are still open to date). However, his success should be more than that since in many cases, he helped keep the business open for a while at least, whereas without his intervention those restaurants would've closed very soon. So, though some restaurants closed eventually, at least they stayed open a little longer, till some other crisis hit, like the credit crisis on 2008.

      In the US version, Ramsay saved a whopping 46% of the restaurants so far (32 saved out of 69). However, I doubt that some of the restaurants that are still open will soon close, as these episodes are very recent so may be they will close in a short while. Still, even if 10 restaurants close, about 32% where still saved (22 out of 69).

      So I think it is good. Indeed, Gordon helps more than 30% of them survive!

    2. Well said. Most people don't realize that in the end, it's up to the owners to follow up on the help given to them. Even Robert Irvine has his strong share of restaurants he publicly fixed but ended up closing eventually if not sooner. What Gordon Ramsay, Robert Irvine, Anthony Melchiorri, Jon Taffer, and similar are trying to let us know is that

      1. Nothing's entirely impossible even in times when the economy both in the US and the UK sucks like never before.

      2. All options should be exhausted before finally throwing in the towel.

      3. Quick turnarounds should be followed up with long term commitments and mental renovations.

  2. I love the fact that this post is dated Wednesday, 1 January 2014. You must be in a different time zone.

    1. Lol. A very different one (but it makes sure the post stays at the top).

  3. Could you add the locations to the list? I would love to dump them all into Google Maps and see which ones might be a day-trip away...

    1. Hi Tony, I have added this to my to do list :D

  4. Thanks alot for this :)!

  5. Great list and blog. You must've put in a lot of time to get the list together. Thank you :)

  6. Wonderful list :) Thanks for this! It looks like it took a lot of work.

  7. Thank you so much for this blog. I am Chef Ramsay's greatest fan, being either in Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmare I follow him anywhere where he shows on tv. Would love to meet him in person one day. I just worry that with all this stress, his health may be compromised, hope not. My only problem is I can never find out when his shows are on and what channel and time. I get upset when I find out where the shows have been moved to often missing some episodes, arrrrgh. I would love to visit his restaurant in NY! but by the look at the prices on his menu I must save probably for a few months before I can make a reservation!!! LOL ARE THERE ANY EPISODES FROM USA OR ENGLAND THAT ARE OUT THERE! THAT ARE NOT ON NETFLIX? THANKS

  8. Maybe Ramsey should help restaurants that are not that deep in the hole. J Willy's was at a 1.2 million loss when Ramsey stepped in. It's almost too late to really recover at that point.

  9. it amazes me how these restaurants participate in the show and then when he gives them common sense solutions they act like he is a nutcase ... what you see over and over again are egos out of control ...

  10. Thanks for this, watching the episodes and then coming here to see what happened is great. Totally blew my mind about Season 1 of the US, Campania. I have to say I knew something was up with Joe, like when he had to choose who to send home and all the prettiest girls stayed. Was the Jessica in the episode the one he ended up sleeping with? His poor wife.. she went through such a roller-coaster with that guy to then be let down so hard. Where did all that money come from? When Gordon went to their house it was ridiculous, with the teenage son with 3 professional looking guitars expertly hanging in his room. Joe goes onto to shrug and smile when he tells Gordon he's lost 120 grand. Yes, something was very wrong with the whole thing and to later hear how it ended.. tragic but I think Joe never really cared about anything beyond having a good time.

  11. Gordon is great. After buying them a ton of new kit, advertising their business on TV with his blessing an redoing their dining rooms if they still fail then they have no business being around.

  12. I think some folks might appreciate thi8s, but the GR nay-sayers will not even consider it. Lots of intelligent debate throughout all the episode comments over who the producers should select or who is too far gone, let me offer this up to the hot plate... if you were in the assorted owner's shoes, would you rather go down on the sourest of notes without ever knowing any better? Or have one great shot at redemption, yet still go down as tragic as the end always is... only this way, its ends on a high note? The fact that GR and his producers do not discriminate between the two makes it all the more genuine to me. For those that believe in GR's efforts and find something worthy of respect, good for you... for those that doubt his intentions or continue to find fault or live under suspicion, why do you even watch the show? Let alone post up on this site?

  13. When are new episodes coming? I'm so hooked on this show now. I love how GR really tries to help these restaurant owners not only with their processes but their relationships, as well. It seems to me it's their own undoing if they fail, not GR's. Some people just don't get it. And that Italian restaurant in Boston with the sisters running it... the BEST episode ever. Those girls are hilarious. I'd like to put in an order for more shows, please...stat!

  14. I would like to know what happened to Dawn Brinley and David Jackson. I know they closed up shop 6 moths after their episode aired. Seeing her crying knowing that it was too late to save the business despite Gordon, broke my heart.

  15. I think what people fail to realize is that Ramsay is not a miracle worker; he can't hold the hands of the owner, chefs, etc. Often in these episodes, the biggest problem is with a lack of commitment or laziness, and no amount of help is going to revive those businesses. Sometimes, you just get people who have no idea what they're doing trying to run a restaurant, and Gordon can't teach these people all there is to know about the business—it's inevitable they'll get taken advantage of or get some bad advice or fumble some other way. It's very hard to get people to truly change themselves with the kind of long-term commitment required to revive a business and make it thrive, and the behavior of people is the central issue in most episodes.

  16. Here's the thing, without Ramsay 100% of these places would have closed within 2-3 months. Any success, and some of them were open for a year or more afterwards, is a bonus.